14 June 2018 – The 3DSPEC project was promoted at IMDEA Institute. Place: Madrid, Spain

3DSPEC project results were promoted by IBV during seminar on 3D printing at the IMDEA Institute. It was one of topics during the presentation entitled: ‘Tecnologías de impresión 3D, nuevas posibilidades de productos a medida y servicios para COT’ (3D printing technologies, new possibilities for customized products and services for TOC; TOC - orthopedic surgery and traumatology).

IMDEA* Institute (http://www.imdea.org/presentation) namely the IMDEA network of institutes was created in accordance with the IV Regional Scientific Investigation and Technology Innovation Plan (PRICIT 2005-2008) of the Community of Madrid with the aim of satisfying social needs through R+D+I (Research, Development and Innovation) and passing them on to society.

*acronym for Madrid Institute of Advanced Studies

The event was announced:

  • on the IMDEA website:

https://materials.imdea.org/eventos/ (relevant page)


  • on the IBV website