12 July 2018 – The 3DSPEC project was promoted in article published in AHFE 2018 conference proceedings. Conference place: Orlando, Florida, USA. Publisher: Springer.

Article promoting 3DSPEC results entitled ‘Specialized training in 3D printing and practical use of acquired knowledge – 3DSPEC online course’ was elaborated for AHFE 2018 conference (http://www.ahfe2018.org/). Representatives of all 3DSPEC project partners were the authors.

The 9th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2018) and the Affiliated Conferences was held in Orlando, Florida, USA on July 21-25, 2018. The conference proceedings, namely AHFE 2018 Conference Proceedings books published by Springer, were available prior to the event. E-mail announcement about availability of the conference proceedings book were obtained by the authors on the 12th of July 2018.

The article was published in proceedings from the AHFE 2018 conference: ‘Human Factors in Training, Education, and Learning Sciences’ (http://www.ahfe2018.org/board.html#tels).


AHFE conference for which the article promoting 3DSPEC project was published – scope

The conference proceedings book - cover

The conference proceedings book – table of contents

The published article – fragment of the 1st page