09-14 April 2018 – The third short-term staff training event within the 3DSPEC project was held. Place: SCV and Faculty of Polymer Technology, Slovenia.

SCV was the host of the event, and representatives of KOMAG and PCKZiU participated. The learning activities were carried out in SCV facilities in Velenje and in Faculty of Polymer Technology in Slovenj Gradec.

Presentations and workshops were carried out to enrich the participants’ knowledge and skills regarding 3D printing and 3D scanning.

The procedure ‘from 3D scanning, via 3D printing to moulding of objects ’ was exercised. In particular the following steps were carried out:

  • 3D scanning of faces and other physical objects to create their 3D models
  • use of the 3D models of objects for their 3D printing
  • use of 3D printed objects to produce moulds which will be used for manufacturing of copies of these objects
  • moulding of the 3D objects scanned at the beginning of the process.

The learning activity was reported: