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General rules

The 3D printing service is available to test the printability of your model. We do not deliver your 3D printouts with the post. Please take into account when order that the only possibility of receive your 3D printout is collection in Person.

After uploading your 3D models all data will be sended to the selected printing facility. To complette the order local 3Dprinting service provider will contact you and confirm received data and avaibility of the 3D printing service.

In general the whole proces is presented in the diagram below.

How to start?

The 3D printing service is available only to persons who finished the 3DSPEC - e-learning course which is available here -  http://3dspec.eu/moodle2/login/index.php

When you complete the course you will receive voucher which enables you to print for free you 3D model. To avoid problem and guarantee services availability for as many peoples as possible, we have established size limitations.

Free 3D printouts must fit cube with the following dimensions - 70mmx100mmx50mm

However if your model does not fit the limitations please contact us we'll see what we can do 🙂


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Material Volume: cm3
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Surface Area: cm2
Model Weight: g
Model Dimensions: x x cm

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  • PLA
  • ABS
  • 3DGENCE ONE - Located in ITG KOMAG, Gliwice, POLAND
  • 3DGENCE ONE - Located in PCKZiU, Wodzisław Śląski, POLAND
  • Own-design 3D Printer - Located in SCV, Velenje, SLOVENE
  • 3D Printer - Located in IBV, Valencia, SPAIN
  • 3D Printer - Located in EXOVITE, Zaragoza, SPAIN