25 - 29 April 2017 – 3DSPEC project was promoted during the Education Week for Wodzisław Śląski country. Place: District Teacher Training Center (Powiatowy Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli), Wodzisław Śląski, Poland.


During the last week of April, the first edition of the Education Week was organized by Powiatowy Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli in Wodzisław Śląski (District Teacher Training Center). Students of junior high schools had an opportunity to get acquainted with the educational offer of secondary and vocational schools run by the administrative district of Wodzisław and get detailed information on further educational opportunities. During these events the 3DSPEC project was promoted among the youth and the local community. The event consisted of education fairs in Wodzisław, Rydułtowy, Radlin, classes, school meetings and a family picnic organized in the ‘Trzy Wzgórza’ entertainment park in Wodzislaw Śląski. The common purpose of the events – the promotion of district education and projects in which schools have been participating.