04 – 08 December 2017 – The second short-term staff training event within the 3DSPEC project was held. Place: PCKZiU and a visited company, Wodzisław Śląski and Rogów, Poland.

During the event representatives of KOMAG and SCV participated in workshops which enriched their experience regarding 3D printing. Visit in PREVAC in Rogów – a company specialised in high vacuum solutions - was also held during the event.

In PCKZiU a separate room was temporarily transformed into “3D printers assembly centre” in which planned activities were conducted.

The following 3D printers were planned to be assembled:

  • single nozzle Cartesian 3D printer – commercial KIT – PRUSA,
  • single nozzle Delta 3D printer – commercial KIT,
  • single nozzle Cartesian 3D printer DIY version,
  • triple nozzle Cartesian  3D printer DIY version.

All 3D printers were successfully assembled and tested -  trial 3D printouts were made.

During the workshops not only best practices regarding assembly of 3D printers were shared or worked out but also related problems (encountered during the event or in the past) were discussed by the participants.

During the event dissemination of the 3DSPEC project was carried out. The workshops were visited by school students from mechatronic and mechanic classes and representatives of organizations from Portugal, Italy and Turkey which cooperate with PCKZiU in projects: RoboIP and Learning Beauty.

Information about the upcoming learning meeting of 3DSPEC project partners was distributed in several ways, among others:

  • during open days of the PCKZiU school held in November 2017

All the event was continuously reported on the 3DSPEC Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/3dspec/.

Post event article was published on the PCKZiU website (in Polish): http://pckziu.wodzislaw.pl/index.php/2017/12/12/wydrukowana-jakosc-edukacyjna-czyli-uczestnicy-projektu-3dspec-ucza-sie-drukuja/.

See the photo gallery from the event.

  • workshops of 3DSPEC project partners in 3D printers assembly

  • visit in PREVAC company

  • guests visiting the 3DSPEC project partners’ workshops in 3D printers assembly

  • 3D printers assembled and tested during the workshops